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 Allied Guild Rules

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PostSubject: Allied Guild Rules   Fri Feb 06, 2009 1:35 am

The Legend of the Silvermoon's rules for Allied Guilds:

1) Allied Guild members should be friendly and treat each other with respect.

2) Allied Guilds shall not recruit from each other.

3) No attacking members in an Allied Guild. If an attack is mistakenly made, the person who attacked will send back any gold taken plus 50% more for the XP loss to the member attacked. If this is done repeatedly by the same player, the member who has been attacked has the right to place a bounty and anyone in their guild may take it using whatever force they deem necessary, with no repercussions.

4) If an Allied Guild member is up on the BB, the bounty may be taken but only with a 10 stamina attack (there should be no reason to try and delevel allies except as listed above) and all gold stolen from the attacks shall be returned to the player. The bounty reward may be kept by whomever completes the bounty.

4) When someone is kicked out of an Allied Guild for something serious, the Allied Guilds shall inform each other of the players name and the offense.

5) Allied Guilds will place each others name on their forums or in their history and should send a mass message to those in their guild, announcing the name of the new Allied Guild.

6) If an Allied Guild is at war with another guild and requires assistance, they must PM the Guild Founder or Guild Co-Founder, stating the reason for the conflict and asking for the help they need. Depending on the reason for the conflict and the aims of the guild, a decision will be made as to what level of assistance can be provided.

To discuss becoming allies please contact our Guild Founder or Co-Founder.

Thank you and have a lovely day! star2
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Allied Guild Rules
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