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 Muse Me Baby....writings of a lunatic

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1WorDroW1 "The Artist"

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PostSubject: Muse Me Baby....writings of a lunatic   Tue Feb 17, 2009 3:45 pm


Are you an accurate portrayal of an actor? that had to many answers 4 the
asker?rather, has this proven itself to be a worthwhile endeavor?as the pieces
of the puzzle start to put themselves together.1wordrow1 from now until forever.

2.....Its Donut Time!!!

Donut hole clouds in the sky in the daytime,
Donut hole clouds in the sky around nine.
Donut hole clouds in the sky around noon-time,
Donut hole clouds in the sky around five.
Donut hole clouds in the sky around midnight,
Donut hole clouds in the sky at nightime.

3....Write...Like Im right

Do I like, the way I write this,

or write, the way I like it,

to fight, the way I fight it,

the times, I'd wake up frightened,

the things,I felt despite them,

could I be, somehow enlightened?

this selfesteem, be somehow heightened?

I feel redeemed, and somehow like it,

was just a fiend, and now, am somehow knighted,

so we've seen, the way that I'd write it,

lets see, if it turns, out anything like it.


I'm preventative
medicine's digested
degeneratives confessions
discernable intentions
are earnable, saleable,
burnable, build a whole
brain to scold and
scorch the soul
one unchainable
unclaimed although
the same could go
a similiar role
if salvation is obtainable
as much as the goal
as for 1, and for all
then I'll find a piece of
peace in my soul,

5......Ahhhhh, the underwear

Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhh The underwear...........................
underwear are like loose mittens
not as cute as kittens
even less cute when shit in
they do alright to swim in
and rather splendid when you fit 'em
always nice when you get 'em
chilly nights if you wet 'em
a sudden draft when you split'em
vaginal support??????????????
nah, thats for women...................
Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh The underwear........................................

6.....Ahhhhhh......The Bathroom

Aaaahhhhhhhh the bathroom. Bathrooms are like bedrock the red rocks are like costumes the livestock seem helpless in life lock like stasis lets take a second to deface us to rearrange the tiny platelets to redefine the many faces to realign the empty spaces so that none end up vacant my lil brown logs swim into the pavement to some this may seem tastless just one of many of my faces it just so happens this ones a vagrant................... Aaaaaahhhhhhhhh the bathroom.........

7....Do I Dare?...DONT!

High? are you horny!
abstract, articulate,
Bushy yet thorny.
conventional ovens seem
intresting yet bore me.
as my altitude thickens
my palletability lessens
im bittered by such a batter
i'd better be dipped in feathers
nomatter, thicker the leather
the better the lather,
the more pickled the pepper
the more pricey the ledger
the more spicey the badger
the more brilliant the beggar
the more that he begged her
he lessoned whatever
handle he'd handled
till she wouldnt remember.
now i know the less i remember the better
but i still cant bring my damn self to up and forget her............

8....What I walk with...

I walk with what i walk with
and talk shit with what i talk with
I've taught with what i am taught with
and been caught with who i am caught with
talked with shit ive talked with
whatevered sit and listen thoughtless
and been shocked with shit that shocked me
been shocked when people jocked me
and just scoffed when people mocked me
all and all it somehow cost me
my humanity is somewhat costly
i reflect and ask the boss me
he responds youve somehow lost me
half me stands thats just the lost me
half me's lost
the half it cost me
and so i walk with the half thats walking
and talk in a manner shocking
mortals in such a manor
that shatters your moral standards
intillectual cannibal commander

9.....How was I to know?

:i never even thought the mic check would end,i never ever thought i would
never walk again, and i never believed in angels until one handed me this pen.
and i never thought id talk to angels till i finally met my end.
once they finally found me i was soaring on the wind.Ive been angellic ever since
along came the devil to turn sciscors into sins,when eve bites the apple,adams
wings get trimmed.we maybe earthbound,but we are still the saraphim.flightless knights
among men untill our wings fill in.

10....Sweet Sweat

Bored while sun sweats

it settles nevertheless

you notice the lack of motion,

a notion nevertheless.

Devoted to deviation is

devotion nevertheless,

needless to say needles

needless nevertheless.

There you have 10 pieces from the "rantings of a lunatic" series...
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Slimegor the Guild Flounder

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PostSubject: Re: Muse Me Baby....writings of a lunatic   Tue Feb 17, 2009 5:28 pm

Your style reminds me a little bit of Sage Francis. He's one of my favorites.
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Muse Me Baby....writings of a lunatic
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